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Paul Cunniffe Also Died From Paul Roundhill Flat

It seems Mark Blanco was not the first person to die in connection with Paul Roundhill‘s Whitechapel flat. According to the Guardian, Irish singer-songwriter Paul Cunniffe died in the same spot in 2001.

According to Joanna Hardy, Paul Cunniffe’s girlfriend, “The police went round three or four times but nobody answered. I asked them: is that it? They said there was no case to pursue as far as they were concerned.”

Following his death, an album of his songs entitled Excuse My Accent was released to critical acclaim. Paul Cunniffe left behind his partner Jo and three children, Paula, Shane and Mollie Rae.

The circumstances surrounding the fall were considered ‘suspicious’ but have never been discovered. Paul Roundhill is said to have no memory of the incident.

Pete Doherty Tied to Death Of Robyn Whitehead

Doherty has been tied to a second death this week. Robyn Whitehead, the Goldsmith heiress was found dead at a ‘shabby’ flat rented to an associate of Doherty, Peter ‘Wolfman’ Wolfe.

Doherty’s spokesman denied reports that the Babyshambles singer, who was fined £750 for heroin possession in an unconnected court appearance on Wednesday, had been with Miss Whitehead at the flat on Saturday, hours before her death.

However, a concierge at the block in Homerton, east London, said: “Doherty was here on Saturday. He came with a friend and went round to the flat. Then he was back on Monday night.”

Sadly, Mr Wolfe seems to have rather a casual attitude towards the well-being of Miss Whitehead. He failed to realise anything was wrong with Robyn all day, leaving her to sleep. When he finally discovered she had died, he called 999 for an ambulance and then returned to bed. He was woken when paramedics arrived at the flat, where 27-year-old Miss Whitehead was pronounced dead.

This same lack of regard for human life was shown by Doherty in the death of Mark Blanco. Doherty and his girlfriend Kate Russell-Pavier ran away from Mark as he lay dying on the pavement, presumably to avoid the police who had been called to the scene.

Mark’s case is being re-examined at the moment after new evidence indicated participants lied at the official inquest. It is now revealed that Mark was ejected from the party not once, but twice – seconds before CCTV footage shows him falling to his death from the balcony.

As well as being at the flat where Robyn died, there are reports that Doherty left drugs at the premises. A friend was quoted as saying:

Peter had been at the flat on Saturday night and left a lot of drugs behind rather than take them with him, because he’s such an easy target for the police to search.

Last night Sheila Blanco, Mark’s mother said,

Robyn’s and Mark’s cases have a common denominator – Doherty. If the Met had probed Mark’s death properly, this may not have happened. It’s the Pied Piper quality he has, and people are very vulnerable to it. Bad things seem to happen to people in Doherty’s circle.

Police are investigating the incident and awaiting the results of toxicology tests to determine how Miss Whitehead died. Some reports indicate they wish to question Doherty. Hopefully the authorities take some action before another death is connected to this group.

From everyone at JusticeForMark.com, our thoughts go out to Robyn’s family.

Source: Telegraph

News of the World Reporter Discovers New Evidence

News of the World reporter, Douglas Wight has discovered new evidence on the Mark Blanco case. Pete Doherty‘s bodyguard, Jonny Headlock has admitted on tape that Mark was thrown out of the party twice after rowing with Pete Doherty, and not once before his fall as the inquest heard.

Jonny “Headlock” Jeannevol had already confessed to Naomi Stirk, Mark Blanco’s girlfriend, that he killed Mark but this was dismissed by police. Headlock had walked into Bethnal Green police station and made the same confession but after being locked up, he retracted his statement and was allowed to leave by the police. The police simply sent him to have a mental health assessment.

Originally Jeannevol said he, Doherty and the singer’s literary agent Paul Roundhill first pushed 6ft 4ins Blanco out of the flat onto the stairwell balcony after his bust-up with the singer. Roundhill admitted punching him. All three told the inquest they never saw him alive again after that and believed he must have jumped off the balcony.

The story has changed now and it appears that testimony to the inquest was false. In the News of the World taped interview, Jeannevol said: “It calmed down for a moment after he was gone – but the next thing I knew Mark was back in the flat. I pushed him out of the door to the balcony and shut the door. The next thing we knew he was lying in a heap.”

Mark Blanco’s mum Sheila said: “This is the first time any one of them has said Mark came back into the flat a second time. We know it was not suicide. There was 52 seconds from the time Mark re-entered the building to the time he fell. Something must have happened in there.”

Blanco family lawyer Michael Wolkind QC said: “At last we have an admission that Mark came back into the flat and again they threw him out. They are inching closer to the balcony and we are inching closer to the truth.”

As with the last CCTV forensic evidence showing Mark was pushed from the balcony the Metropolitan police have said “The new evidence will be investigated fully.” Lets hope so.

Recent Press on Mark Blanco Enquiry

sheila blanco1 Mark Blanco Press Conference 26th NovemberLast March, I was asked by the Homicide and Serious Crime Command not to speak to the press while they carried out their sensitive investigation, which, on reflection, did me no favours.

I had hoped that this second police investigation would be more thorough than the first; I was wrong. For eaxmple, none of those 6 individuals at the gathering on 2nd December 2006 have ever been interviewed under caution, i.e. as suspects, only as witnesses.

The investigations I had commissioned:

Dr Corrina Cory, expert in Injury Biomechanics continued experiments from the findings of her preliminary feasiblity study into how Mark fell. She worked on the two scenarios concluded by the HSCC investigation in November 2008:

Scenario 1: CRIMINAL ACT – Mark Blanco fell as a result of a criminal act of another or others.
Scenario 2: MISADVENTURE – Mark Blanco jumped deliberately but did not intend to harm himself to any degree.

Dr Cory worked with sophisticated scanning, 3-D modelling, the original CCTV and human modelling simulations. Her findings were passed to Professor Wassersug, world expert in Neurobiology and Anatomy. His detailed report concludes:

“Given the nature of his (Mark’s) injuries, the two most likely explanations are that he was backed into the railing and pushed over, or that he was not conscious, and was dropped over the railing.”

“We have now moved this case from suicide or accident to unlawful killing,” Michael Wolkind QC.

The Met. have not yet responded to these reports.

Now is the moment to talk about the case as much as you can. A person just two or three steps away from you may be able to help to secure Justice for Mark in terms of influence or funds. I leave you with Emma’s words passionately delivered to the packed conference room,

“It’s not just a fight for justice for Mark, it’s a fight for justice for any human being. The police force in this country have let us down for three years.”