Jerry Sadowitz

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  • Added that Mark Blanco had suffered from vertigo. He said: “I knew him too well and know he would never have done such a thing. [jumping] ((Unknown Author (07 December 2006) “Party fall actor had clash with Doherty“. Mail Online))
  • “It appears he was kicked and punched because he had so many broken bones and he had bruises everywhere. It was as though he had been punched several times. His hat was also found near him and it had been burned.” ((Unknown Author (07 December 2006) “Party fall actor had clash with Doherty“. Mail Online))

It’s perfectly obvious to anyone with a brain what happened to Mark Blanco and by whom. It is additionally Outrageous that you cannot make a statement because some of the world’s most awful scum also have the most money to fight you legally and then actually WIN.

The pain that this is causing Mark’s mother can’t be described. Ive lost one of my best friends, and I can assure the Sunday Times readers that this country has lost a potentially great author, wit, and unique talent to say the very least. Additionally, the message that went out to the lowest rung of society is this: “If you want to be succesful, take crack cocaine and advocate it to youngsters as a means of publicity because you cannot actually write decent material. Then, whatever heinous crime you commit, claim that you cannot recall exactly what happened because you were “out of it”. Finally, do your worst in an area where the local police are known to be bent, in the area of drug dealing.

Well done, England..another nail in your own coffin.