Kate Russell-Pavier

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kate-russell-pavier fleeing the scene

  • Kate Russell-Pavier arrived at the party of Paul Roundhill together with Doherty at 12.50 am the night Mark fell to his death. See Timeline.
  • According to the Express, Kate Russell-Pavier was Doherty‘s girlfriend that night. ((Jeory, Ted “Jimmy Carr To Help Solve Death Riddle” June 25th 2009 Express.))
  • As Mark lay dying on the pavement, CCTV footage shows Kate and Doherty fleeing before the ambulance or police arrived.
  • She then went on with Doherty to another party at the Malmaison Hotel in Clerkenwell (Timeline). Police were later called by the hotel staff as Doherty had “disrupted a wedding party, set off the fire alarm, destroyed hotel property and started a fist fight in the bar.” Again Pete Doherty fled before police arrived. ((Unknown Author (07 December 2006) “Party fall actor had clash with Doherty “. This Is London))
  • Nick Russell-Pavier, Kate’s father and a long time collaborator on John Pilger documentaries, said his daughter would not be commenting to the press. He also declined to say whether he had spoken to her about the incident himself. ((Jeory, Ted (11 January 2009) “VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: ROCK STAR PETE DOHERTY FLEES SCENE OF MYSTERY DEATH“. Express))