News of the World Reporter Discovers New Evidence

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News of the World reporter, Douglas Wight has discovered new evidence on the Mark Blanco case. Pete Doherty‘s bodyguard, Jonny Headlock has admitted on tape that Mark was thrown out of the party twice after rowing with Pete Doherty, and not once before his fall as the inquest heard.

Jonny “Headlock” Jeannevol had already confessed to Naomi Stirk, Mark Blanco’s girlfriend, that he killed Mark but this was dismissed by police. Headlock had walked into Bethnal Green police station and made the same confession but after being locked up, he retracted his statement and was allowed to leave by the police. The police simply sent him to have a mental health assessment.

Originally Jeannevol said he, Doherty and the singer’s literary agent Paul Roundhill first pushed 6ft 4ins Blanco out of the flat onto the stairwell balcony after his bust-up with the singer. Roundhill admitted punching him. All three told the inquest they never saw him alive again after that and believed he must have jumped off the balcony.

The story has changed now and it appears that testimony to the inquest was false. In the News of the World taped interview, Jeannevol said: “It calmed down for a moment after he was gone – but the next thing I knew Mark was back in the flat. I pushed him out of the door to the balcony and shut the door. The next thing we knew he was lying in a heap.”

Mark Blanco’s mum Sheila said: “This is the first time any one of them has said Mark came back into the flat a second time. We know it was not suicide. There was 52 seconds from the time Mark re-entered the building to the time he fell. Something must have happened in there.”

Blanco family lawyer Michael Wolkind QC said: “At last we have an admission that Mark came back into the flat and again they threw him out. They are inching closer to the balcony and we are inching closer to the truth.”

As with the last CCTV forensic evidence showing Mark was pushed from the balcony the Metropolitan police have said “The new evidence will be investigated fully.” Lets hope so.


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