Paul Cunniffe Also Died From Paul Roundhill Flat

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It seems Mark Blanco was not the first person to die in connection with Paul Roundhill‘s Whitechapel flat. According to the Guardian, Irish singer-songwriter Paul Cunniffe died in the same spot in 2001.

According to Joanna Hardy, Paul Cunniffe’s girlfriend, “The police went round three or four times but nobody answered. I asked them: is that it? They said there was no case to pursue as far as they were concerned.”

Following his death, an album of his songs entitled Excuse My Accent was released to critical acclaim. Paul Cunniffe left behind his partner Jo and three children, Paula, Shane and Mollie Rae.

The circumstances surrounding the fall were considered ‘suspicious’ but have never been discovered. Paul Roundhill is said to have no memory of the incident.


#1 An enquirer on 02.08.10 at 7:39 pm

oooooooooh dear. smacks of something not good. pun totally unintended. roundill must be storing up some bad karma. wonder when he’ll be done.

#2 LisaLaggrrr on 05.22.11 at 7:35 pm

This article should mention that not only did this poor guy die in the same spot, but he died in the exact same manner – head injuries from falling from the same flat. Not to mention that Paul was at a shady looking drug dealer named Paul’s house. Don’t think it really matters if his partner knew the surname…

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