Paul Ellis

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Paul Ellis is a neighbour who lives nearby the flat. He gave the following statement to Mark’s mother, Sheila Blanco.

At about 12.30 I heard shouting and general noise coming from the flat opposite and I didn’t pay much attention to it as it is quite normal for a Saturday night. I looked out of my window and saw Mark lying along the gutter and a dark-haired girl screaming and a girl with blonde hair nearby.

I then saw Doherty come down the stairs, stand over Mark for a few seconds and then run back up the stairs.

I realised that this was pretty serious and as I have some basic first-aid training and was pretty sure no one outside would have a clue, I decided to go and do what I could.

After covering him with my cardigan and jacket, I knelt next to him for what felt like an eternity but was probably about 15 minutes. I was told an ambulance had been called. Roundhill was present at this time; he was talking on his mobile phone in the street and the stairwell.

Three summers ago a young woman climbed out of Roundhill‘s window on to the roof. She started to dance, obviously high on drugs, and fell into the street in full view of children playing. She survived.

  • Mr Ellis checked Mark’s breathing. There was no smell of alcohol. [DailyMail]