Pete Doherty Tied to Death Of Robyn Whitehead

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Doherty has been tied to a second death this week. Robyn Whitehead, the Goldsmith heiress was found dead at a ‘shabby’ flat rented to an associate of Doherty, Peter ‘Wolfman’ Wolfe.

Doherty’s spokesman denied reports that the Babyshambles singer, who was fined £750 for heroin possession in an unconnected court appearance on Wednesday, had been with Miss Whitehead at the flat on Saturday, hours before her death.

However, a concierge at the block in Homerton, east London, said: “Doherty was here on Saturday. He came with a friend and went round to the flat. Then he was back on Monday night.”

Sadly, Mr Wolfe seems to have rather a casual attitude towards the well-being of Miss Whitehead. He failed to realise anything was wrong with Robyn all day, leaving her to sleep. When he finally discovered she had died, he called 999 for an ambulance and then returned to bed. He was woken when paramedics arrived at the flat, where 27-year-old Miss Whitehead was pronounced dead.

This same lack of regard for human life was shown by Doherty in the death of Mark Blanco. Doherty and his girlfriend Kate Russell-Pavier ran away from Mark as he lay dying on the pavement, presumably to avoid the police who had been called to the scene.

Mark’s case is being re-examined at the moment after new evidence indicated participants lied at the official inquest. It is now revealed that Mark was ejected from the party not once, but twice – seconds before CCTV footage shows him falling to his death from the balcony.

As well as being at the flat where Robyn died, there are reports that Doherty left drugs at the premises. A friend was quoted as saying:

Peter had been at the flat on Saturday night and left a lot of drugs behind rather than take them with him, because he’s such an easy target for the police to search.

Last night Sheila Blanco, Mark’s mother said,

Robyn’s and Mark’s cases have a common denominator – Doherty. If the Met had probed Mark’s death properly, this may not have happened. It’s the Pied Piper quality he has, and people are very vulnerable to it. Bad things seem to happen to people in Doherty’s circle.

Police are investigating the incident and awaiting the results of toxicology tests to determine how Miss Whitehead died. Some reports indicate they wish to question Doherty. Hopefully the authorities take some action before another death is connected to this group.

From everyone at, our thoughts go out to Robyn’s family.

Source: Telegraph


#1 willow on 02.02.10 at 10:27 am

I dont even listen to dougherty’s music, and it appears to me that maybe he might want to be investigated fully, perhaps put in jail for being so….bad.

#2 sweetria on 02.02.10 at 12:24 pm

So why is this man not in police custody? 2 deaths with his name attached,I thought the police didn’t believe in coincidences? For the country that led the DNA revolution, among other things, I always looked up to the way they thoroughly investigated these types of questionable circumstances looking for the truth. What happened? Surely this fellow doesn’t have that kind of clout to stop a whole police force does he? In fact I have never even heard of this guy doing anything but cause problems. A no talent bum as they would call him. To me this sounds worse that that. He sounds like an evil person who wants and gets his own way no matter who he hurts. How they could be so flippant about 2 lives lost is beyond me. Keep searching for the truth and don’t let his “star status” deter you, he is only a human being. And not a very good one at that.

#3 Angel on 02.14.10 at 9:41 pm

Doherty is the Devil !!!….

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