Pete Doherty

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  • Doherty left before officers arrived ((Unknown Author (07 December 2006) “Party fall actor had clash with Doherty“. This Is London))
  • Instead of waiting to give a witness statement, or even offering to help the injured man, he went to the Malmaison hotel in Clerkenwell, where he trashed his £200-a-night suite and then fled when police were called at 2.25am. ((Unknown Author (08 December 2006) “Did he fall – or was he pushed? Questions surround Doherty and the party death “. London Evening Standard))
  • Returned to the death scene four months after the incident to record a video for his new single, “The Lost Art of Murder”.
  • The title was a direct reference to the 1827 essay “On Murder Considered as One of the Fine Arts” by Thomas De Quincey, an author Doherty’s friends knew Mark was obsessed with.
  • Doherty is reported as saying on the video: “I just thought I’d pop in to Paulo’s, a much-maligned figure, justifiably I suppose. But on the whole, if drugs and suspicious deaths don’t get in the way, this place is quite creative for me.” ((Unknown Author (23rd April 2007) “Pete uses crack den death flat for video “. London Evening Standard))