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sheila blanco1 Mark Blanco Press Conference 26th NovemberLast March, I was asked by the Homicide and Serious Crime Command not to speak to the press while they carried out their sensitive investigation, which, on reflection, did me no favours.

I had hoped that this second police investigation would be more thorough than the first; I was wrong. For eaxmple, none of those 6 individuals at the gathering on 2nd December 2006 have ever been interviewed under caution, i.e. as suspects, only as witnesses.

The investigations I had commissioned:

Dr Corrina Cory, expert in Injury Biomechanics continued experiments from the findings of her preliminary feasiblity study into how Mark fell. She worked on the two scenarios concluded by the HSCC investigation in November 2008:

Scenario 1: CRIMINAL ACT – Mark Blanco fell as a result of a criminal act of another or others.
Scenario 2: MISADVENTURE – Mark Blanco jumped deliberately but did not intend to harm himself to any degree.

Dr Cory worked with sophisticated scanning, 3-D modelling, the original CCTV and human modelling simulations. Her findings were passed to Professor Wassersug, world expert in Neurobiology and Anatomy. His detailed report concludes:

“Given the nature of his (Mark’s) injuries, the two most likely explanations are that he was backed into the railing and pushed over, or that he was not conscious, and was dropped over the railing.”

“We have now moved this case from suicide or accident to unlawful killing,” Michael Wolkind QC.

The Met. have not yet responded to these reports.

Now is the moment to talk about the case as much as you can. A person just two or three steps away from you may be able to help to secure Justice for Mark in terms of influence or funds. I leave you with Emma’s words passionately delivered to the packed conference room,

“It’s not just a fight for justice for Mark, it’s a fight for justice for any human being. The police force in this country have let us down for three years.”

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#1 celine on 12.27.09 at 11:30 pm

Mark was a lovely friend to me, l still find it hard to believe he was taken away at such a wonderdful time in his life, l still have the last e-mail he sent me and will never delete it as for me its a keep sake.

I send my support to his family and stand by them in their fight for Justice.

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